PROM - I'll Teach You


PROM are the kind of band that make us get up in the morning. Not only because they would literally bounce you out of bed with their romper-stomper rock and roll but because their energy, frenetic passion and disgusting charm pour out of each song like pus out of a spot.

That kind of beautiful imagery is what has made us choose ‘I’ll Teach You’ our Track of the Day.

The band’s menacing presence across the airwaves is confrontational to say the least. Each line is delivered with malicious intent and dances like an innocent flick of ash destined to hit the petrol spill.

It’s grunge infused punk and it reeks like our Saturday nights. Seedy, dark and dirty it marauds through your ears like a pervert with a switchblade taking trophies and leaving scars. With PROM describing the vocals as ’ugly’ it would be hard not notice this band. Actually it wouldn’t be hard it would be at your peril.