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Producer for new Ice-T film murdered in New York City

American rapper Ice-T rose to prominence due to his musical talents but lately, he has been cashing in on his fame with acting parts. With appearances in films like Breakin’ and New Jack City, Ice-T managed to build his portfolio and land a long-running part in the beloved television crime drama Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

In a recent interview, the rapper recalled: “My TV journey started because I had Fab 5 Freddy over my house in LA, and Andre Harrell got on the phone with Freddy — rest in peace, he recently passed away. He was a producer on New York Undercover, and he goes, ‘Hey, if you’re over there with Ice-T, tell him to be on my TV show.’

“I go, ‘Fuck your TV show! That’s a rip-off of New Jack City.’ So he’s like, ‘Oh, you’re too big now that you’re in the Hollywood Hills?’ I said, ‘Alright, give me a bad guy role and I’ll do it.’ Actors want to go from one thing to the other. You don’t want to get caught up — it’s no fun after a while.”

On Thursday, the writer and producer of Ice-T’s latest film Equal Standard Joseph “Taheim” Bryan was brutally murdered. While he was sitting in his brand new Mercedes-Benz, Bryan was gunned down by unidentified suspects who haven’t been captured yet. The investigation is still ongoing but Ice-T claimed that the killers followed Bryan home to get the job done.

“MFs Killed my friend last night. I’m not in a good place behind this. Taheim was a GOOD dude making Positive moves. He wrote & we made the film EqualStandard together. He leaves a Wife & Daughter. Dirty MFs followed him home and Murdered him,” Ice-T tweeted.

Equal Standard was critically panned and was dismissed by audiences for “falling notably short of its well-intentioned ambitions to honour multiple viewpoints amid rising racial tensions.”