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Credit: YouTube


Hear 'Cosmic Day' a previously unreleased song from Prince


Prince’s estate has shared the previously unreleased song ‘Cosmic Day’, a track which features as part of the Sign O’ The Times reissue which is due for release next month. You can listen to it below.

With a never-ending backlog of material, the estate of Prince will be posthumously sharing a previously unheard song to complete this deluxe reissue.

A snippet of ‘Cosmic Day’ has been making its way around Prince’s fanbase for some time. But now the song will be shared in its entirety as part of the Sign O’ The Times reissue which arrives on September 25th.

Recorded back in November 1986 at Sunset Sound studios, the track has been an elusive character in Prince’s story, sometimes being used for interludes during his live shows.

“There’s nothing strange, we’re not deranged/ We only want every day to be or to be a cosmic day,” sings Prince on the chorus, setting up the concept of the song succinctly. You can listen to ‘Cosmic Day’ below.

Sign O’ The Times arrives on September 25th and will be a must for any collector. Featuring 63 previously unreleased tracks, it’s bound to be a treasure trove of gems.