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Credit: Prince


Listen to Prince's unique isolated vocals on the classic 'I Wanna Be Your Lover'


Prince is one of those artists who it is impossible to pin down. The Purple One traversed so many genres, had command of so many instruments and could sing and dance like any classic performer. He was impossible to define by any other word then unique. It’s a moniker that stretches to his vocals too.

Like many other stars who are capable of creating every single note on their legendary songs, we’re looking at you David Bowie and Paul McCartney, Prince’s vocals are too often overlooked. The Purple One’s unstoppable ear for a tune would supersede any vocal appreciation.

Even in Prince’s early days, back in 1979, the singer was but would still be able to bring a dancefloor to the driving force that welcomed the entering of a new decade. Unlike any other artist, Prince Rogers Nelson skirted the edges of funk, soul, disco and pop to make tunes that weren’t just the freshest sounds on the street in ’79 but still fill dancefloors over 40 years later.

One track, in particular, is a guaranteed dancefloor filler in 2020, the brilliant ‘I Wanna Be Your Lover’. Taken from Prince’s self-titled second album, the track was the singer’s first major hit in the US and marked him out as an unusual talent. While he possessed a huge amount of dedicated craft he also moved naturally like a seasoned performer, this was the song that proved it.

It’s all here. Everything Prince needed to become an undying legend. The singer’s pop sensibilities, his uncanny ear for a hook, the kind of funk spirit that always makes your feet move and the craft to put it all together. But perhaps, more importantly, it was another chance for Prince to show off his unique vocal.

Now, thanks to the AcapellaFella, we can revisit the Purple One’s iconic vocal on ‘I Wanna Be Your Lover’ as an isolated vocal track to fully explore the late, great Prince. So take a trip back to 1979 and listen to Prince becoming an Emperor.