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Credit: Joel Bremer


Read Prince's handwritten note condemning racial intolerance


Prince is a legendary figure who’s spirit has lived on since he passed away in 2016. With his presence still felt through his timeless music, we’re focusing on his forward-thinking world view with a past handwritten note by the Purple One.

Given the Black Lives Matter movement that continues to fight for racial justice, Prince’s condemnation of racial intolerance is still one that we can all get behind today more than ever.

Prince, who should have been celebrating his 62nd birthday this last weekend, was an iconic figure who was never afraid to fight for his beliefs. Remembering his brilliant voice, his estate has released a handwritten note from the man himself which echoes the sort of sentiment that Prince would have provided if he were still here to see what was currently happening in the wake of George Floyd’s brutal death at the hands of white officer Derek Chauvin.

“Prince dedicated his life to speaking out against injustice, advocating for black excellence, and spreading the message of “Love 4 One Another,” the tweet from Prince’s official account reads. “In this note that he kept in his personal archives, he wrote a message that still resonates today.”

The note reads: “Nothing more ugly in the whole wide world than INTOLERANCE (between) Black, white, red, yellow, boy or girl. INTOLERANCE.”

See the note, below.