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(Credit: Prince/Album Art)


Revisit the moment that Prince explained 'the meaning of life'


Any star who has penned the back catalogue that prince has, as well as offering up tracks like ‘Nothing Compares 2 U’ for others, and shredded out simply astounding guitar solos in tribute to George Harrison, knows a thing or two about the ways of the world.

Prince’s impact on pop-culture was boundless and remains so after his passing in 2016, as his music and art continue to find welcome audiences.

Throughout his life, his art and faith were something of a paradox. His raunchy on-stage presence seemingly at ends with his Jehovah’s Witness credence. Prince took his faith very seriously which is a message that can be seen in many of his lesser-known lyrics, for instance, the following taken from his album track ‘The Cross’, “We all have our problems / some are big, some are small / Soon all of our problems, y’all / will be taken by the cross.”

Speaking to ET back in 1997, however, the Purple Rain star delivered a rather more secular message for life, “Ego is one thing and money is one thing,” he stated, “But reverence for life and service to others is key to getting off this planet.”

It was a moment of reverential philosophising in a rare interview in which he also proclaimed the healing power of music, saying that song was how he stayed, “Emotionally centred,” and that “[music] is the best medicine in the world.”

Prince delivered many life-affirming messages in his music but this simple declaration of its healing power and the benefits of helping others are certainly not ones that can be argued with.

You can see the full excerpt from the interview, below.