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New Leonard Cohen poetry book announced

Prince Charles reveals he is a big fan of Leonard Cohen in new interview


Prince Charles has revealed his admiration and appreciation for the late, great Leonard Cohen in a brand new interview on BBC Radio 3 where he also discussed his passion for education in music and arts.

Speaking as part of a special Private Passions programme to mark the heir to the throne’s 70th birthday, which will be aired on December 30th. On the programme he selected Cohen’s ‘Take This Waltz’, as one of his favourite songs.

Charles said: “I’ve always loved Leonard Cohen’s voice and his whole approach to the way he sang. He was obviously incredibly sophisticated in the way he sang, but also wrote, I find it very moving, the words are so extraordinary, sort of Salvador Dalí-like – they lead you into this remarkable Dalí-like world.”

He later went on to talk about the seemingly unstoppable decline in music and arts in education. Saying “I’m one of those people who believes in the importance of arts education and music education in schools. Apart from anything else, I think people forget – or may not realise – what an enormous contribution the creative arts make to the whole economy. It’s immense.”

Take a listen to Charles’ favourite Cohen track below.