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Credit: Greg Gebhart/Penner


The moment Amy Winehouse joined Prince to perform 'Love Is A Losing Game'


If there’s one moment we cherish here at Far Out Magazine, it’s the moment that two of our favourite artists join together on stage to perform for an impassioned crowd.

You can imagine how happy we were then to find this clip of two stars who sadly left us too early. Of course, we mean the moment Amy Winehouse joined the mercurial Purple One, Prince, for a very special cover.

The song would be Amy Winehouse’s iconic hit single ‘Love Is A Losing Game’ from her breakthrough record Back To Black and the scene is the dusky nights of London in September 2007. It’s about as perfect as one can hope a cover to be.

‘Love is a Losing Game’ is one of Winehouse’s undying moments on record. As well as being a bonafide modern classic, it’s also a song that Prince had become infatuated with when it was released, and had even covered earlier that year with his backing singer Shelby J. The Purple One would go on to release an acoustic cover of the track as a free download in memory of the star following her death.

By the time Prince’s shows in London were on the horizon, the rumours of the collaboration between the two artists were rife.

After Prince said he’d “absolutely” love to collaborate with the singer, Winehouse, a fan of Prince, was naturally excited at the prospect, “I hope I can do [the gigs] though,” she told MTV News. “I’ll drop everything to do that. Stuff like that doesn’t make me go, ‘Oh, I must be the nuts.’ Stuff like that makes me want to do this tomorrow, and the night after, and the night after. Now I want to find out how solid that is. I’d do it with bells on. All day long.”

Luckily for us, on a calm night in late September, as London welcomed another Prince to into its arms Amy Winehouse would join the legendary singer on stage to perform a rendition of her 2006 hit song ‘Love Is A Losing Game’. The results are spellbinding.

Having to match up to Prince must’ve been quite the scary proposition for Winehouse who was still in the salad days of her career. Yet the singer grows into the role as Prince’s equal and delivers a pure, vulnerable and veracious performance of one of her most poignant songs. After Winehouse left the stage, Prince was open-mouthed at her performance.

In late September, she joined Prince to perform the song at an aftershow in London. When they finished and Winehouse left the stage, Prince told the crowd: “I got tears… I’m gonna have to get my shades on.”

Watch the moment Amy Winehouse joined Prince to perform ‘Love Is A Losing Game’ back in 2007.