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Primitive Parts - The Bench

Primitive Parts are a South London trio comprised of members from a host of other bands who have caught Far Out’s attention on more than one occasion previously.

Lindsay Corstorphine has been electrifying our stereo with the likes of Cold Pumas, Monotony and Sauna Youth, while Kevin Hendrick and Robin Christian  also ply their trade with Male Bonding.

Together as Primitive Parts, however, they have given us our Track of the Day, thanks to ‘The Bench’, which is taken from their latest double a-side, released last week.

The track is a spiky piece of punk-rock that balances its rawness and catchy groove in a way that allures the ear from the off.

The melody conjures strong memories of Buzzcocks’ ‘Something ‘s Gone Wrong Again’, and there is the same cocktail of pop hooks and abrasive production that made the Mancunian heroes such an enthralling experience.

You don’t have to wait too long if you want to make you own mind up about the live show, especially if you’re a Londoner. Primitive Parts will play at The Lexington with Far Out favourites Ultimate Painting on Monday (December 8th).

Patrick Davies