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Primal Scream Announce 'Give Out But Don't Give UP: The Original Memphis Recordings'

Following the recent discovery of these tracks in a box lurking in Andrew Innes’ basement, Primal Scream will release the original studio recordings from Memphis, the tracks that eventually became their 1994 album ‘Give Out But Don’t Give Up’.

Teaming up with iconic producer Tom Dowd and the Muscle Shoals rhythm section of David Hood and Roger Hawkins at Ardent Studios in Memphis, the resulting recordings from those sessions showcase a more country soul, rock’n’roll side to a band.

Dowd’s production, coupled with the merging of the slick rhythm section of the band, led to the creation of nine tracks that run the gamut between blues, gospel and brilliant songwriting, available for the first time.

“I felt we went down there with such good intent, but somehow we lost our way afterwards,” Bobby Gillespie admits. “There’s definitely a lesson to be learned about how creativity can go down the wrong track. We’re a band that constantly keeps moving and doesn’t look back, but, for years, I felt bad about us going to Memphis and not doing what we set out to do. Hearing these songs after all this time has made everything all right again. I feel redeemed.”

After their breakout album ‘Screamadelica’ (1991), Primal Scream relocated to Memphis in 1993 to record what would become ‘Give Out But Don’t Give Up’.

Once the band and Creation Records’ boss Alan McGee heard the recordings, however, they were both confused and underwhelmed. Their inner punks got the better of them and they brought producer George Drakoulias onboard to overhaul the recordings, with the band replacing, guitar, bass and drum parts over several sessions in the ensuing weeks until they were left with what became ‘Give Out But Don’t Give Up’.

On top of that, there will be a BBC 4 documentary behind the ‘Give Out But Don’t Give Up’ story broadcasting later this year.

CD1 – Tom Down album mix

  1. Jailbird
  2. Rocks
  3. Call on Me
  4. Everybody Needs Somebody
  5. Sad and Blue
  6. Big Jet Plane
  7. Free
  8. Jesus
  9. (I’m Gonna) Cry Myself Blind

CD2 – Ardent Outtakes

  1. Billy / To Love Somebody
  2. Memphis Groove (Improvised Song Jam)
  3. Sad And Blue (Early Rehearsal Jam)
  4. Blue Moon Of Kentucky / Trying To Get To You
  5. Big Jet Plane (Early Rehearsal Jam / Tom Dowd Instructions)
  6. Free (Bobby Vocal / Full Band Rehearsal Jam)
  7. Everybody Needs Somebody (Alternative Recording)
  8. Country Guitar
  9. Jailbird Guitar
  10. Jesus (Monitor Mix )
  11. Funky Jam (Original Recording)
  12. Free (Early Rehearsal Sitar /Piano / Bobby Vocal)
  13. Call On Me (Monitor Mix)
  14. Cry Myself Blind (Monitor Mix)
  15. All I Have To Do Is Dream

2LP – Tom Down album mix

1. Jailbird
2. Rocks
3. Call on Me

1. Everybody Needs Somebody
2. Sad and Blue

1. Big Jet Plane
2. Free

1. Jesus
2. (I’m Gonna) Cry Myself Blind