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Credit: Andreas Eldh


Listen to a previously unreleased version of Chris Cornell song ‘Only These Words’


A previously unheard version of Chris Cornell song ‘Only These Words’ has been released to mark the 16th birthday of the late Soundgarden singer’s daughter, Toni.

The song, originally released as part of Cornell’s album Higher Truth, offered the singer the chance to play around with alternative options to his sound. “It was almost a Zeppelin-y thing at first,” Cornell once revealed to Digital Spy. “The idea is it’s a child having a dream, and the dreamworld life is sort-of perfect. It’s a baby born as a royal or princess into this amazing world, then immediately being jerked out of that when they wake up to a reality which isn’t that, and then grasping onto what part of their life could be that,” he added.

Now, as Cornell’s wife Vicky celebrates her daughter’s birthday, she did so by releasing an unheard version of the track. Sharing the clip to social media, Vicky also chose to include an emotional slideshow of images showing family life.

“Your dad would be so proud of the smart, strong, beautiful, and confident woman you are growing up to be,” Vicky Cornell wrote in a statement. “You are so very loved, and you give so much love, freely and unconditionally.”

She added: “Your first sentence was ‘I love you’ to your baby brother when you first met him. As your dad so perfectly sang and what it’s always all about – ‘Only these three words repeating…I love you…’ Continue to do great things, my sweet girl. He is always with you!”

Concluding: “And to celebrate you with everyone- I’m sharing part of daddy’s original version of ‘Only These Words’ Happy 16th Birthday, Toni!”

Listen to the song, below.