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Preview: Alexandra Vacaroiu's exhibition 'Postcards To You'

We were very excited to catch wind of a brand new exhibit from one of our favourite photographers, Alexandra Vacaroiu. The new exhibit explores the power of art as therapy and looks to combine photography and poetry to create a sense of not only the vulnerability of life but the ambiguity of death.

Having been around the art scene for many years, Vacaroiu has found her own experiences have contributed to her growing portfolio. Having studied in her native Romania at the University of the Arts, Bucharest she went on to complete her Masters at the London College of Fashion. But it is on the streets of her own living that she is able to deliver this lesson in human frailty.

In ‘Postcards To You’ she connects with her audience more than ever. Managing to convey the intensely personal pulse of her own being with an acute sense of reciprocating expression in this exhibit Vacaroiu is clearly opening her heart up to her viewers. The images she presents are an assemblage of found imagery which depicts family life and works as a trigger for her own familial journey. Her process continues as she buries the images, to accentuate the connection between life and death, and couples them with her own poetry.

It makes for a truly intriguing proposition which sees not only the written word accessing our memories and thoughts on love, life, death and sorrow, but the images which combine to create a powerful message. A message we should all pick up once in a while.

Below is an example of Vacaroiu’s work. You can see ‘Postcards To You’ on October 26th at Dot Athena in London.

Who do you love more, me or my uncle?
I ask you to say Viorel so I can angrily run outside and play in the snow.
Face frozen, my teeth would get stuck in the pretzels
I earned for singing Christmas Carols.
We would go in single files knocking
On neighbours’ doors for dried oranges and old bagels.
Some people don’t leave on Earth
More than traces in the snow.