Premiere: 'The Goose' - brunch


We’ve been fans of brunch for ages. No, no, not that one. Not the muffin-y, mimosa-y mid-morning munch up, but the brilliant and chaotic band. So we are extremely proud to premiere the first track ‘The Goose’ from their brand new album Useless

The album is out on Hanger Records on 8th September, and if you needed another excuse to pre-order then here it is; the barnstorming new track and video.

Slipping in to the intro as a lo-fi jangle, you’d be forgiven for wondering if this truly was a brunch track. It soon delivers with a crunch of distortion and a cymbal smash to the mouth, and we are quickly reminded what brunch are all about.

This can only mean good things for brunch fans hoping for another album full of furious licks and clever lyrics. ‘The Goose’ is brunch; type 1. With any luck, the second album Useless will be just more of the same.


Useless is out on Hanger Records, September 8th. Pre-order here