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Premiere: The Florets can be anything you want on 'Shapeshift'


Coming out of the indie-mecca down under, AKA Melbourne, The Florets have released a brand new single which we are very proud to give you the very first taste of. The track, ‘Shapeshift’, is a foot-stomping, hip-swinging piece of timeless indie rock and roll.

With the scene in Melbourne a melting pot of ideas and competiton it feels only right that The Florets are building their name on the strong foundations of pure, driving and melodic rock and roll. The songs are about banging your fists on the bar top rather than typing away on the laptop.

The new song ‘Shapeshift’ is exactly that. It’s a change of tone and tempo for the Aussies as they move away from their more melodic side and focus a little more on the ferocity of their sound. Adding a psyche-tinge to their desert-booted riffs, The Florets manage to have hints of QOTSA and latter Arctic Monkeys without stepping on any proverbial toes.

With their first EP due out later this year this could very well be the beginning of something bog. But for now, just enjoy The Florets’ ‘Shapeshift’.