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Premiere: San Francisco’s Lofi Legs produce a sparkling lullaby on ‘Dreamin’’


We are very proud to premiere the brilliant new single from Lofi Legs, ahead of their upcoming album LAMB, ‘Dreamin’’ is destined to be the first dance of all the couples who hear it. The band, from the hazy bay of San Francisco have a knack of capturing moments and this one in particular has us falling in love over and over again with every figurative drop of the needle.

The band have at it’s core the real-life lovers and creators-in-arms Maria Donjacour and Paris Cox-Farr, the two effortlessly filling every note and unheard nuance of ‘Dreamin’’ with an impassioned but unspoken love. The tracks from the band normally have the pair’s chemistry at the front of stage when they usually focus on core subjects like buying horses and dropping acid. But in ‘Dreamin’’ they may have just created their first ‘love song’.

As warm and comforting as a lilting, meandering walk in the evening’s golden hour in your lover’s gaze, Lofi Legs have done that curious thing of writing a love song that doesn’t make you want to throw-up. Instead what we hear is a cacophony of curated emotion and veracious vulnerability all bundled up in a charming indie shawl of bare-bones guitar and vocal work.

That structure, though it may leave keyboardist Daniel Bromfield twiddling his thumbs during the set, of a simple guitar line complimented by honest vocals and authentic lyrics is what sets this song apart. It is simple at its foundations, but from that, brick by brick, the pair build themselves a household worthy of welcoming them home.

Take a listen to ‘Dreamin’’ below.