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PREMIERE: Prom - Sandy's

Sandy’s is the latest artist in a long line of blissed-out psyche and on an autumnal dream of a day it seems only fitting we bring you his latest EP Prom as an exclusive Far Out premiere.

A directly reverb heavy sound with influences ranging from surf to the 70s analogue melodies we feel like we could be in a Thomas Cook advert with every strum.

The Ep is a high-class lo-fi affair. With gentility and veracity high up on artist Alexi Glickman’s list, Prom doesn’t disappoint. Falling across an instrumental hammock of a song with opener ‘Prom Song’ the record then begins to rev a little.

With the introduction of lyrics comes another dimension to the multi-rayed sun-shining sound. Fitting in a tidy niche between Father John Misty, Fleet Foxes and even Fleetwood Mac it will be hard not to fall in love with the lapping rhythm and hazy vocals.

Recorded mostly on a 60’s 4-track the authenticity of Glickman’s passion shines through the EP with ‘Slumber Room’ and ‘We Can’t Pretend’ particular favourites. Released on October 30th with Super Fan 99 and available in super-limited 12” translucent vinyl and having recently support Far Out Favourites Ezra Furman and The Allah-Las we can see a bright future for Sandy’s.

But with that much sunny haze on the record, it’d be hard not to be.


1. Prom Song

2. Consolidated Identity

3. Slumber Room

4. Elliott;s Etude

5. We Can Pretend