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Credit: Chloe Ackers


Premiere: PM Warson shares new visuals for 'True Story'


As PM Warson gets ready to release his upcoming album, True Story, on April 23rd, he’s shared the visuals for the title track as part of a Jodie Canwell clip. It’s another step toward returning us all to the golden age of music — something that we can certainly subscribe to.

PM Warson, the London-based musician and producer, releases the video for ‘True Story’ ahead of the titular album release. Recorded at Soup Studio, London, Warson’s crisp and filigreed arrangements are superfluous in today’s climate of laptop lunacy and auto-tuned nonsense. Canwell’s video uses mainly Super 8 footage to add an extra gleam of vintage prowess to proceedings to mirror this return to authenticity.

It’s tough not to be swept up in the nostalgia of Warson’s sonic structures. There are hints at the transformative sound of modern masters like Nick Waterhouse and even Leon Bridges, but, in honesty, there’s a universal appeal here that will mean Warson could as easily soundtrack your Nana’s birthday as he could the smokey late-night sessions that permeate most weekends.

Built out of an adoration for classic soul and R&B, the singer has never been afraid to show his affection for the past. But perhaps the greatest trick is pursuing and delivering such a sound with authenticity. That’s because Warson has spent a life within the industry, endlessly honing his craft and always pursuing the most genuine moments of golden-gilded pop.

Warson’s ear for an arrangement is undeniable. Far from the musky, insipid incense-logic of vintage collectors, this ‘60s-soul-enthusiast is moving away from mere revivalism and appears to be operating on a more intrinsic belief: quality, not quantity. There is a feeling for the material of music here, which is unmistakable and completely beguiling.

While some may talk the talk and even chuck in a few steps towards walking, Warson manages to do it all with the nodding integrity of a true music fan. Others may have donned the ’60s soul cap before but seemingly none with the self-awareness of Warson, who has immersed himself in the culture.

Below, you can get a taste of that culture with the premiere of his new music video for ‘True Story’, the titular song from his upcoming album, released on April 23rd.