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Premiere: Pace share the brand new video for 'Kings & Queens'


We’re very pleased to premiere the brand new track and video from Hackney’s own Pace, as they debut the brilliantly luxurious ‘Kings & Queens’. A timeless throwback to the glory days of pop.

The band are fresh off the back of a surging end to the year. Having recently signed to Max Music Publishing in October and with a brand new line up which sees drummer and percussionist Danilo Rodrigues and guitar player Michael Sheppard join frontman Jamie Ley on piano, Pace are starting to really gain some speed.

The new track ‘Kings & Queens’ sees the band flex their songwriting muscles, with Bernard Butler’s production adding yet another layer of lusciousness to an already velvety smooth sound. The song, in truth, sounds like something from a bygone era, it incorporates a healthy dose of colour alongside the ups and downs of the everyday.

Frontman Jamie explains: “Kings & Queens was inspired by Michael, who lived on my road. He was a troubled soul who enjoyed his daily routines – I used to see him go past my window most mornings. He would do the same things day in day out, and he was always kind. He had many friends, but at the same time none at all as people used to laugh about him behind his back. For Michael it didn’t matter, because his world was his own and he was the king there. Because we are all the Kings & Queens of our own lives.”

The track comes equipped with a lo-fi inspired music video, directed by Jack Satchell (@jack.satchell) whose VHS recordings have given even more life to the story. Explaining his approach he says:

“I’ve always loved the gritty, almost ugly aesthetic of old home videos. I’ve been shooting bits and pieces on an old 90s VHS camera for a few years, but I jumped at the chance to shoot an entire music video on what is literally the camera that my parents used to capture my childhood. Something about the arrangement of the song just seemed to instantly click with that style. Plus, working with the Pace lads was great – they were equally trusting in my vision and open to collaboration.”

Without further ado, take a look and listen to the best song you’ll hear all week.