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Premiere: Natty teams up with Bejamin Zephiniah on re-working of his classic single 'BADMAN X'

Natty is celebrating the 10 year anniversary of his top 20 album MAN LIKE I with a huge tour and release of the deluxe anniversary edition MAN LIKE I X. Today, premiered with Far Out, his second remixed and reworked release from the album is his brilliant ‘Badman’ which arrives as the modern Rastafarian anthem.

Originally ‘Badman’ reached No. 1 in Japan in 2008 and has always remained a fan favourite as it mirrors the ethereal and eclectic taste of Natty. Mixing reggae sounds with all types of genres the new reworking of the track shows an artist always looking to evolve.

Now, with the help of hugely influential poet and thinker Benjamin Zephaniah and inspired by his Rastafarian faith and the live shows where the crowds shout ‘Jah Rastafari’ every time it’s played, the re-working kicks off with a laconic summery intro that soon moves into a pulse of musical energy, always exuding that typical London swagger as it bounds through life.

As well as being one of the most prominent Rasta faces and poets in the UK, if not the world – friend and guiding figure Benjamin Zephaniah then delivers a spoken word middle section, touching on themes of revolution, love and guidance through positivity befitting of the track.

Take a listen to this track now.