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Premiere: Loxley Thomas shares first solo cut 'You're Mine'


Singer-songwriter Loxley Thomas releases his first work since returning to his childhood home of Rockingham in Western Australia. Spending the best part of his adult life in the UK, Thomas split his musical time playing with his two outfits, garage rock two-piece New Cut Gang and the more laconic Electric Palms. Arriving back in Oz Loxley knew there was still some songs in hi wainting to get out, some moments which hadn’t yet been explored. Quietly, and for the first time, he went about creating songs for his own project.

His first solo outing ‘You’re Mine’ clocks in at just over 2 minutes and cuts straight to the point. Sonically sounding halfway between his previous bands, the new track has all the haze and sun-tinted, lo-fi energy you’d hope for, while is vocals come at you with a touch of whiskey-soaked grit. Lyrics are delivered in earnest, over instrumentation and a beat that feels as if it could all fall apart at any moment. It sets the scene perfectly on this debut outing.

Drawing influences from the likes of Johnny Walker and The Gun Club, Thomas has stripped everything back to showcase his natural ability to deliver simple yet emotive songwriting, which has always been at the core of everything he’s ever been involved with. This is reinventing the wheel, nor is it some kid in his bedroom with a laptop and a waiting instagram audience. No, this is the sound of a man left alone with only his guitar and his thoughts.

Containing lines such as “Sometimes life just can’t be reasoned with, ain’t your decision to decide”, which Loxley details “it’s all about reconciling that life can sometimes feel out of control and concentrating on what you can control and just letting go of the rest. You need to find peace with that.” It’s a take on life that has always seen Thomas through.

The release is a simple yet emotive moment in his career but will likely be shrugged off by the man himself. His heart isn’t here for fame or money, Thomas is here to make music, his music, and now he’s got his moment to shine. The track is available as a free download through his SoundCloud here, we look forward to spinning this one on repeat in the coming weeks.