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Premiere: Japanese Television's 'Country Joe'

We are more than proud to be premiering the new music from Japanese Television a band born out of a love for instrumental space-surf rock and who are probably more comfortable talking about Finnish bands than most Finnish people.

It’s easy for us to constantly talk about the freshest new music or brightest new sound, it’s easy because we are a music mag so we literally have to do it. But what really gets us going is when we can say one of those statements safe in the knowledge we are speaking the truth.

Japanese harp and synth player Ian Thorn and Bassist Alex Lawton met on tour in Europe, performing as part of a Canadian space-rock orchestra. They bonded over their shared passion for Finnish experimental band Circle, Pink Floyd, Television, Broadcast and Brian Eno, and went on to form instrumental space-surf band, Japanese Television, with James Moriaty and Tim Jones.

They put together a collection of tracks that would make their debut self-titled EP and went into “the studio” (i.e a village hall outside of Peterborough armed with an 8-track) with Kristian Bell of The Wytches at the helm. The EP is out on 7th September via revered underground label Tip Top Recordings (Cassels, Sun Cop).

“The combination of extensive travelling and our shared love for psychedelic and experimental music has crept into the sound of the EP” says synth/harpist Ian. “If ‘Country Joe’ represents the scenic part of the journey where you’re by the coast or in the mountains in the sunshine, then Tick Tock is bombing it up the M1.”

“Although the band is instrumental, we don’t play solos. It’s more about atmosphere and creating a hypnotic effect. Hypnotism through repetition, reverbs and delays, harps and fuzzboxes” Ian continues.

So, we’d suggest you take a seat, put your head to one side as the boys from Japanese Television are about to take you on a very special journey. Take a listen to ‘Country Joe’ below.