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Premiere: Indian Queens have started the weekend early with 'You Came Over Late'


Seasonal Affective Disorder or the appropriately acronymed SAD, has done the right rounds this year but it’s been a strange old week for the weather these past 7 days, apparently everyone is down with global warming when it means they get to drink cans in the park in the sun on a Tuesday (apparently whilst on Twitter we also saw that someone had already got the BBQ out too!) And besides, at least everyone finally cheered up after four months.

It’s hard to soundtrack 20 degree sunshine in February in the UK but we think we’ve got a track premiering right here with us today that’s hitting that button over and over again in the form of Cool Thing record’s Indian Queens and their new single ‘You Came Over Late’.

The line between dreams and reality become blurred, and we step into a warped, swirling vision of the night

e just have to trust in things beyond our line of sight.

” You said Darkness never waits”

“I’d rather be a rebel than a slave”

Sounding as woozy as we’ve all been in it’s intro, it’s doused in synth and washed out vocals, but slowly it’ll quietly and subtly pile and pile higher and higher into a leaning tower which ends up toppling brilliantly into a crash of blown out shoegaze/chillwave sound barrages.

Serve yourself this silvery slurry and go get weirded out in the sun while it lasts.