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PREMIERE: Husband Material - Talk Too Much


We are delighted to premiere a hunking piece of futurist pop in the form of Husband Material and their latest track ‘Talk Too Much’. Released via Super Fan 99 in the UK the band were born like many other bands now, but their sound is setting everyone’s eyes to Technicolor in the face of a deluge of beige.

Like most bands, Husband Material were born in a bedroom – kinda like a suburban love story with more keyboards – as boy met girl and girl met boy and they both met a laptop. They played around in their bedrooms creating music that pleased them until they found real humans that not only loved the music but also wanted to play with them. Husband Material was born.

Having recently released their debut through one of our favourite labels Art Is Hard, it was great to see them continue their progression and release their latest song with Super Fan 99. As it is Super Fan, you know there is going to be a great vinyl for it, and they don’t disappoint. A super-limited square vinyl will be available for the release of this track.

The song itself is a brooding piece of (as the band call it) ‘Anorak Pop’. Full of awkward moods underlined by tangible hooks and a sultry vocal and backing which permeates the sonic style of the band.

Landing somewhere between Dev Hynes, Phoenix and other purveyors of pure and beautiful pop, Husband Material have everything they need to break the big time. Most importantly of course: an incredible follow-up single.