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Premiere: Hilma Nikolaisen and her new single 'Election Blues'

We at Far Out are very proud to be premiering the brand new single ‘Election Day Blues’ from Hilma Nikolaisen. The track is taken from her forthcoming album Mjusic, which is out on Fysisk Format on 30 November.

The album is Hilma Nikolaisen’s follow up LP to her debut record Puzzler back in 2016 which was widely and warmly received across the board. It takes its title from a childhood punk band she started together with her brother Ivar in 1987, at the tender age of five. This time Ivar Nikolaisen (Kvelertak) appears on several of her songs, along with other siblings, and so the mjusic continues.

The new album has been a change of process for Nikolaisen from the 2016 effort, this album was built on spontaneity and didn’t have the extra gestation period that Puzzler was naturally given. It can be felt across the songs too and ‘Election Blues’# perfectly shows that.

A track with a distinct indie-pop element it feels accessible and authentic with a strong current of social commentary running through. There isn’t a contrived plan here though, there aren’t any things you’re ‘supposed’ to hear, it is a true reflection of the artist’s feelings – an unabashed expression.

Get your ears around this gem right now.