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Credit: Hafloves

Premiere: Halfloves get hot under the collar with new video for 'Small Hours'


When we recently brought you the brilliant pop-noir hit from Halfloves ‘A Little Lie’ we were left feeling two things. Firstly, shame that we hadn’t already had our hands on the band and their wonderful blend of pop sensibilities with an underbelly twist. But also a desire to hear more and more.

We were stoked then to get our hands on their sophomore LP Dazer which is available through all your favourite streaming site (and pre-order vinyl here), so that we could gorge on some more dancefloor-ready grooves. But then we got greedy again.

Sure, our ears had been sated by the pulsing modernist beauty of the record’s 10 tracks, but now, we wanted something for our eyes. Luckily, the good lads over at Halfloves HQ clearly had their finger on the pulse as now they’ve shared with us the video for album track ‘Small Hours’.

The song is drenched in that feeling one gets when you hear that rom-com-ready ‘click!’ when meeting someone. Whether it’s butterflies or nerves, that jangling feeling of possibility, infatuation and lust is perfectly encapsulated in this track. The video follows suit by capturing this nervous energy.

The Braden Kopf directed clip goes one further to ratchet up the energy by using not only a proposed couple singing the song to each other but also what appears to be their fathers singing along too. It adds another level to an already multi-faceted disco-coloured pop song.

So, it’s Friday, there’s a dancefloor with your name on it and Halfloves are going to start your night right with their latest video for ‘Small Hours’. Watch the video below.