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Premiere: Halfloves' 'A Little Lie' is a woozy pop-noir gem

Having changed their name from The Olympics to Halfloves back in 2016 for the release of their (newly) self-titled album, the band made a conscious decision to start anew. What transpired was an album of moody and dark pop classic. Luckily, the shadow of society still hangs heavy over their latest release ‘A Little Lie’.

Recorded at The Magic Barn, second life of famed NY studio The Magic Shop where David Bowie, Lou Reed, Bjork, and countless other legendary acts made their music. The studio has been transplanted in its entirety to an unassuming barn in a cornfield in Iowa to continue its storied legacy. Now part of that legacy is the work of Halfloves.

The song reflects the studios illustrious past as the band offer a rich and luscious sound across ‘A Little Lie’. Hitting pop heights of production (with Brandon Darner, Imagine Dragons’ main man, behind the desk) while still keeping the core sentiment of the song is not an easy task to complete but Hafloves do it with aplomb.

Filling peaks and troughs of the sonic landscape with a delicate arrangement and purposeful vocal, Halfloves are showing that no matter their name the band is a curated and cultured outfit of songsmiths and ‘A Little Lie’ is just more proof of that.

Take a listen below.