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Premiere: Emily Breeze says everything we wish we could on 'Ego Death'


We are very proud to be premiering the wonderful new lyric video for Emily Breeze’s fantastic new track ‘Ego Death’. The song is built out of the mundane modernity of life and Breeze’s corrosive and caustic lyrics are perfectly positioned in her new video.

Taken from Breeze’s upcoming album Rituals the track comes complete with two remixes, which can be found below the video, that feature from Former Bad Seed and David Lynch composer Barry Adamson, Retro Futurist improv maniacs Modulus III and Giallo Disco deviant Antoni Maiovvi. In all the remixes Breeze comes out as the star of the show. She is effortlessly disenfranchised and utterly majestic in every single delivery.

The beauty of this song resides firmly on the interplay between Breeze’s (quite frankly perfect) tragicomic lyrics and the sleazy lounge music which glides past you like stained silk sheets. It’s this perfect positioning which not only makes the song a wonderfully enjoyable thing but also marks Breeze as an artist that needs to be heard far more often.

We can’t speak highly enough of this song, so we will give it the utmost respect and shut up while you watch the fantastically brilliant video.