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Premiere: Danish band Masasolo with the fuzzed out 'You Got That Something'

We’re very excited to give you the first listen of Danish band Masasolo’s newest single ‘You Got That Something’ a quite frankly brilliantly fuzzed out and lo-fi special. Slinkier than Hugh Heffner in his favourite silk pyjamas, take a listen to our Track of the Day here.

Coming out of Copenhagen, Masasolo are one fo the city’s best-kept secrets. Danish vocalist, guitar player and producer Morten Søgaard is the man behind Masasolo. He uses the band as an outlet for musical experimentation and as a personal diary of the joys and pains of being a dreamer entering adulthood.

They manage to straddle the line between rock and roll and alt-pop feeling similar to a Kevin Parker and Frank Ocean collab. The track is centred on the idea of falling in love with a girl on Instagram and puts distorted guitars, spins it through a kaleidoscope and then adds a groove which has kept us bopping all week long.

Take a listen to Masasolo’s newest single ‘You Got That Something’ below.