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Premiere: Born Fighters share their long-distance charmer 'Little Green Tree'

Born Fighters are perpetrators of that very fickle thing; the long-distance relationship. The duo are from London and California and have spanned the 5000 miles between them to create some power-pop purity with their latest single ‘Little Green Tree’.

Having met briefly at a show in London a couple of years prior, Luke (the London half of the pair) was on vacation in LA when he decided to see if Peter (the California part) was around for a beer. With a shared love of guitars and powerpop the two got on famously and a plan was hatched to write, rehearse and record a single all inside the three remaining days of Luke’s trip. ‘Little Green Tree’ was the resulting tune and it beams with the west coast sunshine it was written under while retaining a dry British wit.

The band took their name from a Nick Lowe song and though it may not feel too comfortable on an FFO list of Lowe’s work, what does come from the band is a charming and warming number filled with catchy hooks and dreamy sonics. Mike Deluccia joins on drums and the session was engineered by Neil Wogensen in Highland Park. Art (as always) by Shaun Miller.

A full EP is planned for this December as soon as Luke has saved money for a flight. But for now we have a belting beamer of a track to hopefully banish the sunshine blues.

Take a listen to Born Fighters’ ‘Little Green Tree’ below.