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Premiere: Anti Pony share the dreamy ‘Under The Palm Trees’

Swedish psyche-pop band Anti Pony have given us the opportunity to premiere the brilliant new track ‘Under the Palm Trees’ which is meltier than an M&S advert for a chocolate fondant, just as sweet and entirely delectable. Following their previous single coming out on Far Out favourite PNKSLM this effort will be available via Lazy Octopus.

The track itself lists from hazy summer sun to the thought of every dreamt lover you never had the chance to meet and every real-life lover you wish you hadn’t. It yields honesty and heartfelt emotion, lullaby-like and entirely encapsulating it lulled us gently to forgive the British summer and give in to the world Anti Pony have created.

More music will follow in the autumn and we suggest you put this on wherever you are to pretend you’re somewhere else.