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Premiere: ANIQO shares the subversive video for 'Must Surrender'


We’re very happy to be giving ANIQO’s brilliant video and the song ‘Must Surrender’ its first spin. The darkly subversive pop-Noire finds a challenging and rewarding vehicle in ANIQO and she’s not afraid to keep flipping her work on its head.

ANIQO is the project of the wonderfully gifted singer Anita Goss, who has used ANIQO to create some intense and dark sounds built o na bed of minimalist instrumentals and an illusive but powerful vocal. The new song ‘Must Surrender’ will feature on the upcoming album BIRTH which should arrive later this year.

The song itself can, at times, feel like you’re listening to the live reconstruction of an art exhibit, such are the nuanced sonics and twisting lyrics. It reflects a purpose in ANIQO to always be challenging not only her audience but herself to constantly be creating new and inspiring work.

Anita said of the new song: “‘Must Surrender’ is about the liberation of deadlocked structures and the detachment of an inflexible identity. A view from the outside on social control mechanisms to perceive in which gears I am in myself. I think a meaningful life means transformation. If I do not change myself and change my point of view, I stop to move. I’m always scared of that.”

She continued “The song symbolizes for me the challenge of this fear and the giving up of the own and external control with an accompanying risk. Only by surrendering, giving up security and letting go stuck thoughts, can I feel free.”

The video offers a similarly dark-tone and confrontational subversion of what we may initially perceive as naive objects. It’s within this space that ANIQO thrives and she wants us to be there with her.

Anita said: “Together with my collaborators – the photographer Peter Hönnemann and the cameraman Sebastian Ganschow – we gradually developed the idea to work with a puppet in a surrealistic world of paper. The viewer sees how our protagonist loses his self-image and embarks on a journey through resistance.”

Take a look at ANIQO’s brilliant video for ‘Must Surrender’ below.