Credit: Andria Piperni

Premiere: Andria Piperni's hopelessly romantic 'Yours' will leave you melting


Andria Piperni is here to ease you into the weekend with a quite sumptuous and soulful effort, ‘Yours’. It’s a track we’re very pleased to be premiering here in all its neo-soul glory.

A native to Montreal in Canada Piperni has developed her sound into something worthy of adding to your record collection. Her blend of soulful tones, R&B nods and the delicate nuances of jazz mean that this artist is at once fresh and familiar. A perfect combination.

There’s no better place to see that than on her latest output, the stunning track ‘Yours’. Sweet and sultry the track moves through the effortless motions, with Piperni’s vocal adding laces of caramel-sweet tones to an already overflowing bounty of this sonic sundae.

‘Yours’, is a hopelessly romantic song hinting at the holy grail of “love at first sight”, it encourages the sentiment of soul mates and does so with warming tone across every note. There’s no doubt about it, this is a love song, an unabashed and unfiltered declaration of love as a healing, magical, and otherworldly force – something which should always be desired and adored.

The wonderful part about Piperni’s sound is that it feels authentic. It feels as effortless as inhaling and exhaling. It likely speaks to the singer’s musical upbringing, feasting on R&B powerhouse Alicia Keys and indie-folk Queen Corrine Bailey Rae as a young girl means that while the music motors along the sunset roads, drenched in gold, there’s always this feeling that if she wished, Piperni could put the pedal to the metal and kick things up a few gears.

Since her 2018 debut song ‘Say Something’ gathered national attention in her native Canada, the singer has been going at a great pace. Delivering more brilliant tunes with ‘Without You’ and ‘Instinct’, we’re expecting ‘Yours’ to follow suit and add a little more gunpowder to Piperni’s firework. Listen to Andria Piperni’s ‘Yours’ below.