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Watch rare footage of pre-fame The Cure when they were still using their old name


We’re dipping into the Far Out Magazine vault to look back at a rare piece of footage which shows Robert Smith and The Cure in their pre-fame days and going under their previous name of ‘Easy Cure’.

Here at Far Out we’re pretty clued up on our music trivia. The pointless questions that people rarely know the answer to and only one stuffy old the man at the back can remember—we are that foul-smelling old man, metaphorically speaking, of course. One of our favourite piece of useless trivia is knowing the name of The Cure’s band before they hit the big time—Easy Cure. But even better than that is watching footage of them too.

Below, we have quite possibly the earliest known footage of Easy Cure performing live as it is taken from a performance in their hometown of Crawley and sees the group in their purest and earliest formation including, Mick Dempsey, Robert Smith, Pearl Thompson and Lol Tolhurst. While the band would rarely hold on to members for much of a stretch, this was such an early line-up that Smith wasn’t even singing yet.

Easy Cure had a fairly good footing in the music industry before they ever really began. After winning a talent competition the band signed a recording contract with German label Ariola-Hansen in 1977 it was after this moment that Robert Smith eventually assumed the role of vocalist. The band would record a few demos but nothing would come of their brief stint with the German label.

While we can’t be sure of the exact date of the footage below, it appears as though there are five members in the band so that would put the film at a date before September 1977, after which Peter O’Toole left the band and headed to Israel to begin his life on a Kibbutz.

The performance is a little ropey and the sound is truly atrocious but as a document of one of the biggest bands has ever produced, you don’t get much better than seeing them perform on a bandstand in the middle of their hometown, surrounded by apathy and the smattering of applause.

Soon enough the band would drop the Easy from their name and after another few shining moments were quickly snapped up by Polydor and Fiction records who saw the promise of their post-punk sound. Smith had been involved in the punk scene from the very beginning but The Cure offered something new and fresh in comparison to that punk sound.

A few months late rin 1978 and The Cure, as they were now known, would share their first single ‘Killing An Arab’ to a rapturous reception. The song would kick start their career and not see them ever really return to Crawley.

Below watch rare footage of pre-fame The Cure performing in their hometown in 1977.