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Pozi share the brilliantly uncomfortable new single 'Whitewashing'


Pozi have shared the new animated video for their lead single from their upcoming new record 176, the brilliant ‘Whitewashing.’ It’s our Track of the Day.

The band may only be 12 months down the line from their debut album PZ1 but are already back with another EP in the making and their captivating lead single.

The track is a hodge-podge of so many different genres and expression tha tit’s hard to pinpoint. So why bother? Instead, enjoy the quasi-Blockheads fun and relish in the song’s all-too-relatable theme.

We’ve all done it, met up with a friend form your school years with whom you enjoyed the mischief of your salad days only to find they’ve turned into a bigot. For ‘Whitewashing’ Pozi heighten that feeling by being trapped with said friend on a long motorway journey.

“We wanted to start fully utilising Rosa’s voice as, adjacent to the other vocals, it really adds another layer to our music. Much of the jamming sessions were spent working around a way to weave this into the sound we’d already created,” explains vocalist / drummer Toby Burroughs. “As we’re all singers and writers, if someone has something that they want to say in a song, it’s great for us to be able to share the lead vocal around.”

Based on the group’s unique output we’re expecting big things from 176 and with a range of themes including Brexit, paranoia and jealously to explore we’re sure no matter how dark, that it will be an enjoyable ride. As Toby explains: “All five songs have quite grim, dark subject matter. Once we’d started exploring that paranoid, angsty kind of path, the floodgates seemed to open and we ran with it”

176 is out on 8th May via PRAH Records. Listen to the brilliant ‘Whitewashing’ below