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Post War Glamour Girls


Post War Glamour Girls - Lolong

Yorkshire’s Post War Glamour Girls have reputation that continues to snowball after a supremely promising 12 months.

Following the release of their outstanding full-length record Pink Fur the four-piece are set to swiftly return with their new single, Far Out’s Track of the Day, ‘Gustave / Lolong’ – released through the Too Pure label on September 1st.

For me, having James Smith taking the lead on vocals on the recent record is a great sign for what the and will offer going forward, more excitingly PWGG have decided to collaborate with Blacklisters’ very own Bill Mason Wood:

“Billy plays the part of ‘Lolong’ who is the largest crocodile in captivity and he’s having a conversation through the bars of his cage / prison cell with ‘Gustave’ who is the suspected largest crocodile in the wild (and larger than Lolong for sure) and trying to convince him that he should help him escape and they should work as a team the band said. “It was nice to finally collaborate and do a song with Billy. Blacklisters are my favourite Leeds band and although Billy is our least favourite member of the band, it was nice to at least be able to work with one of them”

Lee Thomas-Mason


21 Aug – LEEDS – Leeds Festival (Dance To The Radio stage)
13 Sep – WAKEFIELD – Long Division Festival
17 Sep – BRISTOL – The Birdcage
18 Sep – BRIGHTON – Green Door Store
19 Sep – BOURNEMOUTH – 60 Million Postcards
20 Sep – NORTHAMPTON – Legendary Labour Club
22 Sep – LONDON – Birthdays
23 Sep – LEICESTER – The Firebug
26 Sep – LEEDS – Packhorse
18 Oct – MANCHESTER – A Carefully Planned Festival (Mint Lounge stage)