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Post Louis - Your Hotel


A debut release is where all bands have the chance to show what they’re made of, first impressions are paramount and could result in a make or break situation for the artist. Today’s Track of the Day comes from London-based duo Post Louis, the pair have taken their influences from an array of artists and genres to create something totally new and stunningly beautiful and as far as first impressions go, Post Louis are exemplifying how to grab your listener’s attention without the usual shock tactics.

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‘Your Hotel’ could be defined as a somewhat watered down nineties grunge style track, if you were lazily trying to pigeon-hole the composition that is. What we actually have on our hands is a majestic piece of music that, throughout,  feels as if it is ever building to a grand conclusion. Starting off somewhat minimalist and raw, with nothing but soft guitar, the song proceeds to include triumphant percussion, added mid-way through, and a far more elaborate guitar aspect dancing wickedly till the track’s cessation.

The dreamlike instrumental piece is joined by what can only be described as a powerhouse vocal performance, that type of performance that only women with a certain emotional intelligence can deliver so well. Lead singer, Stephanie Davin is the perfect vocal compliment for the vibe of the track, with stunning yet harrowing vocals and lyricism to match, Davin provides great insight into a band that, I predict, are going to surpass many of their peers with the graceful ease portrayed in their debut effort/s.

‘Your Hotel’ flows through on an upward scale, with monumental highs based in both the music and the vocals you can envision an entire other world, catapulted into a dream like state thanks in part to the atmospheric maintenance of Danny Ward.


“You have faith in your bones when you go, ‘cause your illness is socially caused in your hotel”


The lyrics of the piece are derived from many different areas; the influence for the main part of the chorus is adapted from a book called ‘Social Causes of Illness’ by Richard Totman. The song revolves around escape while the protagonist feels an air of seclusion and isolation, with lines referencing wanting to run away but having nowhere to go and you can feel this emotional turmoil, magnificently emphasised in the escalation of tone and the eerily tragic and sprawling delivery Devin exudes with each word. Equally fitting and thought provoking are the wailing guitar riffs (slightly reminiscent of YUCKS ‘Get Away), as the duo’s talents combine to great affect.

It looks like 2014 could be the bands big year, coming off the back of a string of shows last month and with their debut EP ‘This Could Be a Bridge’ set for release on November 12th  Post Louis are definitely one to watch. I can envisage monumental things for this lot, so long as the quality sticks to the dizzying heights it is right now.

Aaron Chic