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Post Louis - This Could Be A Bridge


Post Louis, the London based duo consisting mainly of the mellifluous vocal talents of Stephanie Davin and guitarist Robbie Stern where first brought to our attention a while back with the release of their debut single ‘Your Hotel’. Obviously not ones to mess about, the pair have fired out a follow up E.P, This Could Be a Bridge, with a plethora of tracks seemingly plucked from the 90ʼs Alt Rock skies.

Title track and opener, ‘This Could Be A Bridge’ acts as exactly as its name alludes; it breaks us into the LP with warm, meandering guitar riffs and matching vocal whilst offering us the land to cross into the deeper, harder hitting tracks that follow. What is made clear from the opener is Post Louis ability to create and then emphasise emotion by fraying the edges of a song with distortion and neatly implemented guitar wails.

Second, ‘Pharma’ (meaning poison in Greek) is a bright and disjointed piece with its sense of urgency and the stop and start crashes, all coming to a manic gust of guitar that smashes through mid song. ‘Pharma’ is coated in hazy vocals and a chainsaw like distortion. The song is more permeating than the slow burning Oldsmobile which falls between a folk pop and experimental category. Its sudden sonic and electronic sounds are a beautiful addition to the song adding flecks of what we have heard before; its crisps guitar really compliments Davinʼs beautiful and light timbre.

‘Oldsmobile’ slowly turns into a defiant and haunting piece, Davinʼs sadness extended by a immersion of vocal reverb and over laying.

‘Your Hotel’, which has previously been featured on Far Out Magazine is a crunchy and meandering piece of guitar music. Whilst Davinʼs intentional whimpering bawl’s, which at times is fairly forceful, are layered harmoniously over Sternʼs guitar picking that eventually evolves into a marvellous and sprawling solo. Sternʼs sweeping solos and fiery riffs are married perfectly with Davinʼs fragile voice and devastatingly reflective lyrics.

Post Louis’s debut E.P has a lo-fi ambience and a heart tugging warmth that is bound to tug the emotional strings of any listener dedicated enough to see the whole record out.

Reece Harris