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POND return with new video for 'Sixteen Days'

In the words of some pop star whose name I have forgotten, here’s to the freakin’ weekend, with our Track of the Day today we have the glorious return of POND and their new song ‘Sixteen Days’.

As the weekend fast approaches and we all throw our arms to the heavens feel blessed that not only is the big man providing you with a two-day stretch of doing nothing but the minimum, but he’s also got a cracking new track from POND to brighten up your life.

“‘Sixteen Days’ is about, once upon a time, being jealous and paranoid, too ground down and mad to enjoy love and Genoa,” says frontman Nicholas Allbrook of the track.

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Friend and longtime collaborator Kristofski directed and sprinkled the stardust on the pickled, nostalgic, saccharine and flamboyant visual accompaniment that features a beguiling performance from the enigmatic front man. “Goulburn Valley Gold. Ruthless business. Fierce steals the show – World Champion (note – mirror ball helmet),” adds Allbrook of the video.

The song is a diversion and evolution of style for the band and sees them move out of the ‘psyche band’ category and firmly into the ‘?’ pile of bands who transcend genre and become cult heroes in their own right.

Take a look at the video below.