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Pond - Colouring The Streets

Pond have produced another piece of brainless and brilliant rock and roll, ‘Colouring The Streets’ has all the makings of a 4am belter. So we thought it best to give you this taste of these reverb dripping dronings as we’ll be spending our Thursday evening with them at Primavera Sound, most likely falling away into a conscious coma of hedonistic listlessness. Needless to say Pond and ‘Colouring The Streets’ are our Track of the Day.

Pond are preparing to follow up to 2013’s Hobo Rocket which put them firmly in the psyche-rock category with the impending release of Man, It Feels Like Space Again, a date yet to be announced. ‘Colour The Streets’ is plainly no different as the Australian band slip between twisting guitars and spinning vocals, which can at times feel like a riff filled k-hole. Quite a nice place to be, depending on your persuasion.

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Allbrook’s vocals, however faint, have the intensity to spiral one’s mind into dark holes and euphoric ecstasy in equal measures. This coupled with a pounding and unrelenting rhythm leaves this track in the ‘massive’ category, it has the power to engulf whatever you are doing and encourage copious air guitar solos.

The bouncing guitar of the intro makes way for a more twisted turn, which fuzzily noodles between that echoing drone of Allbrook’s vocal performance. It is at this realisation that the bouncing rhythm provides a triumphant lifeline; the defibrillator to the otherwise meandering and morose sound.

‘Colouring The Streets’ is meant to be just that. It’s meant to be a mindless envigoration of the soul, a meaningless masterpiece. It’s Pond at their best.

Jack Whatley