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playlounge - Handclap Cinema


South London 2-piece playlounge have been flirting around the peripheries of the music industry for a few years now. First with their EP Magic and then followed in April by the album Pilot after all that they even have a little bit more to give after working with Sheffield’s own Dog Knights Productions and have released ‘Handclap Cinema’ our Track of the Day.

We all know the tiresome effort that it takes to release a record, that’s why it is so refreshing to see a band not only willing to work that hard but are completely vindicated by doing so. ‘Handclap Cinema’ further goes to prove what this duo has to offer.

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Moving on from their recent releases ‘Handclap Cinema’ has been released as part of a split 12″ Flower (Available on August 4th on a flower-shaped vinyl) along with another amazing duo Nai Harvest. It follows the likely script of recent rock and roll with the first few bars of angst-filled, fuzzed guitar coupled by a bubbling beat.

This slacker rock scuzz then morphs into a wall of noise that Sonic Youth would be proud of, attacking senses and leaving you befuddled, confused but with a big fat gleaming smile on your face.

‘Handclap Cinema’ proves with it’s 90’s inspired growl and aggressive yet manipulative riffs that perhaps playlounge have spent too long on the edge of success and now it’s time to sit up and take note of this duo.


Jack Whatley