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Sleep playlist: Brian Eno, Max Richter and Phillip Glass


“We’re chronically sleep-deprived as a culture. We’re constantly on.” — Max Richter

We’re stepping back into Far Out’s radio archives to create soothing playlist for all you creatives that struggle to find the relaxation for a deep sleep.

As Max Richter points out at the top of this page, as our culture develops into modern technology, we’re finding it more and more difficult to “log out” of our daily routine tap into our deep sleep. Richter has focused heavily on the concept of creating audio for the sleep, an idea that while we rest music can influence our subconscious.

The great Max Richter has been chosen to front our playlist, a composer who has been a major voice in what has been described as ‘post-minimalist’ composition. Back in 2015, Richter releases his highly ambitious project, Sleep, in which he created an eight-and-a-half hour listening experience targeted to fit a full night’s rest. “‘Sleep’ is a project I’ve been thinking about for many years,” composer Richter once said of his project. “It just seems like society has been moving more and more in a direction where we needed it. Our psychological space is being increasingly populated by data. And we expend an enormous amount of energy curating data.”

“There’s different ways to approach music for sleeping. Things like white noise are functional, like a lullaby. This is more like an inquiry, a question about how music and sleep fit together,” he added.

Following on from Richter’s ‘Vladimir’s Blues’, the Far Out playlist also includes other ambient music pioneers in the shape of Philip Glass and Brian Eno.

“When we go to sleep ordinarily, we’re doing something really private. It’s kind of an intimate, private connection with our sort of physical humanity. We tend to think that when we’re awake, we’re on, and when we’re sleeping our mind is off, but actually, we’re not off. There’s a lot going on.”

With our playlist, attempt to tap into your subconscious with our sleep collection, below.