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(Credit: Mads Perch)


Placebo thought they were "over" after their 20th-anniversary tour

Alt-rock icons Placebo have revealed that they “thought the band was over” after their last “retrospective” tour. 

Speaking to NMEthe duo talked about how the touring in the years between their 2013 album Loud Like Love and this year’s Never Let Me Go sapped their creativity from them. Notably, following the tours for Loud Like Love, the band embarked on a 20th-anniversary tour performing a “best of” collection, which left frontman Brian Molko and multi-instrumentalist Stefan Olsdal feeling stagnant. 

“We weren’t particularly comfortable with the prospect of doing a retrospective and retrospective tour,” Molko told the publication. “At the time we were on Universal Records, and we had the feeling that we’d lose all support from them if we didn’t embark on this hideously materialistic and mercantile endeavour.”

Olsdal added: “That tour lasted for quite a long time, and we started to get this slightly unhealthy relationship with our old material.” Explaining how his feelings of disillusionment came towards their old material, he said: “I started to feel quite disillusioned by the band and what we were doing. I had a crisis of confidence coming into this record. I felt during the last tour that the band was over and that I couldn’t continue with this.”

Molko and Olsdal were irritated by “the self-congratulatory masturbatory aspects and the rampant commercialism” of the tour, and this is what ultimately convinced them to take a lengthy break and reconsider their future.

Well, we’re glad they took a break, as Never Let Me Go might just be their best album yet. Reviewing it last week, I wrote: “We’re left reflecting on ourselves and on humanity as a whole, closing the book on the record effectively.” 

He concluded: “It’s a masterwork, and everybody should hear it. Placebo have managed to create something akin to their version of Martin Luther’s Ninety-five Theses for the modern audience, laying out just how we got here, and how the hell we get out. This is what an album should be. Long live Placebo.”

Sometimes we all need a break, and the future looks incredibly bright for Placebo. 

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