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(Credit: Placebo)


Placebo tease new single release, 'Surrounded by Spies'


Legendary London alt-rockers Placebo have teased the release of their latest single, ‘Surrounded by Spies’.

I’ll admit it: I was quite big on Placebo’s return/comeback single ‘Beautiful James’ a few months ago. In that article, I compared it to both ‘Without Me’ by Eminem and ‘Gimme More’ by Britany Spears in terms of peak dramatic self-reintroduction. Interesting editorial choices, I’ll concede, but I stand behind them. I still love when Brian Molko spits out “bring me back to life”, and it continues to fill me with as much joy as it did back in September when the song first dropped.

You might be surprised to learn that I’m not actually a Placebo fan. I’m not not a Placebo fan, but the electronic indie rockers were ever so slightly before my time in the sense that I was negative two years old when their debut dropped. Being of a different generation has never stopped me from liking a band before, and 1996 is no exception: the same month Placebo’s debut dropped, Sublime released their third and final LP, and I played the shit out of that when I was 12 (still do, on occasion).

But what I’m saying is that my introduction to Placebo was long delayed. The good news is that they have a full catalogue that I can now dive into at my own speed as the band ramps up to release their first album since 2013’s Loud Like Love. That album is apparently finished, and this slow rollout of a single would indicate that the LP will drop sometime next year. No word yet on a title or tracklisting, however.

No word either on what ‘Surrounded by Spies’ sounds like, other than what is presumably a brief tease of the new song on Instagram, but if it is anything like ‘Beautiful James’, it would indicate that Placebo have a new lease on life. All I hope is that ‘Surrounded by Spies’ comes with an official album announcement. Is that too much to ask?

Check back next week when Placebo release ‘Surrounded by Spies’ on November 9th.