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Credit: PJ Harvey Rid of Me artwork


PJ Harvey has announced new vinyl reissue of 1993 album 'Rid of Me'


As PJ Harvey continues with her 2020 campaign of vinyl reissues, the latest cut from the collection is the seminal 1993 album Rid of Me. The new press is set to land on August 21st.

The sophomore record from Harvey was a seminal album in her career and will also be reissuing the 4-Track Demos on the same day.

Harvey’s debut Dry, which will also find release in August, may have captured the public’s attention but arguably it was Rid of Me that cemented the foundations of PJ Harvey’s career. Produced by the iconic Steve Albini, the LP featured big hitters like ’50ft Queenie’ and ‘Man Size’.

A far edgier sound saw Harvey find favour with a range of different listeners, managing to toe the line between alt-rock and avant-garde with delicate aplomb. Prior to that Harvey had composed 4-Track Demos, a release consisting of demos written and recorded at the artist’s home in 1991 and 1992.

The release featured eight early versions of tracks which would later find placement on Rid of Me as well as six rough demos of additional numbers.

Both of the reissues will stay true to the originals in packaging, both keeping their iconic artwork and being cut under intense supervision. Pre-order here.