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(Credit: Maria Mochnacz / Press)


PJ Harvey announces 'Let England Shake' vinyl reissue

With Let England Shake, PJ Harvey created one of the most vitally influential albums of the century. Now, the iconic record is set for a bumper reissue featuring original stripped back demos.

The seminal record was first released in 2011 garnering a range of awards. Thus, on its tenth birthday, UMC and Island Records have teamed up to life the curtain on the work that went into it offering fans a unique vantage of the tracks. 

To launch the new reissue, Harvey has released a sample of an early ‘Four Lads’ recording and a non-studio version of ‘Istanbul (Not Constantinople)’ for the delectation of fans. Beginning an album with ‘The West’s asleep’ is one of the more menacing introductions we’ve ever listened to. 

Across the following 40 minutes, Harvey leaves no stone un-thrown, as she takes aim at a society she believes to be crumbling. Using her usually disturbing lyrical style, Harvey demonstrated her sincere artistry at every turn. 

Now, you can experience that once more with this bumper reissue set for release on January 28th. You find out more about pre-ordering the record in the Tweet below.