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Pistol Annies - Blues You're A Buzzkill


Today’s track of the day is an unusually slow selection for Far Out, especially for a Friday evening, but you must remember that not everyone has that urge/opportunity to wrap themselves in a thick blanket of debauchery, spend their pay-day wages on litres upon litres of dignity reducing liquor before rolling home in the small hours to entertain the bathroom sink and an infuriated spouse. So, being the thoughtful souls we are, we present the Pistol Annies’s subdued number Blues You’re A Buzzkill taken from the country collaboration’s latest album Annie Up.


The Pistol Annies band derives from the combined creative efforts of American country artist Miranda Leigh Lambert, Ashley Monroe and fellow musical muse Angaleena Presley, with the former two of the trio both having burgeoning solo careers amidst the Annie’s partnership. The Pistol Annies became renowned for their spunky, harmony – weighted sound in 2011 début album Hell On Heels and, in all honesty, have not strayed too far away from that label in the new record; Blues Your A Buzzkill follows that blueprint exquisitely as the trio exude a typical country sound full of lap-steel guitar wails and sorrowful lyrics.

This song sounds as if it has come straight off of an old Texan Porch or born amongst the embers of a lulling camp fire on America’s wild southern plains, and maybe if you’re one of those people that won’t be gracing the local, late night, boozy establishments of town with your presence this evening then you could wrap yourselves in the Pistol Annies track and at least pretend your somewhere else.

Joshua Hevicon