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Pissed Jeans share new single ‘Ignorecam' alongside album details


Pissed Jeans ‘Ignorecam’ is the crushing new offering from Why Love Now, their forthcoming 5th album available next month.

‘Ignorecam’ twists the idea of fetish cam shows— “where the woman just ignores you and watches TV or eats macaroni and cheese or talks on the phone”—into a showcase for Matt Korvette’s rancid yelp and his bandmates’ pummeling rock. “I love that idea of guys paying to be ignored,” says Korvette.

With fifth album Why Love now out in 2017 via the good people of Sub-Pop we can only hope that this latest release is a taste of things to come, and with the promise of more “fuck that shit” mantra from Korvette, our dreams may come true.

Far Out’s Track of the Day on ‘Blue Monday’, enjoy.

Why Love Now was co-produced by Lydia Lunch, Arthur Rizk and Pissed Jeans, and features the aforementioned ‘Ignorecam’ and ‘The Bar is Low’, and ‘I’m A Man’ which includes lyrics and vocals from Ugly Girls author Lindsay Hunter.


1. Waiting On My Horrible Warning
2. The Bar Is Low
3. Ignorecam
4. Cold Whip Cream
5. Love Without Emotion
6. I’m a Man
7. (Won’t Tell You) My Sign
8. It’s Your Knees
9. Worldwide Marine Asset Financial Analyst
10. Have You Ever Been Furniture
11. Activia
12. Not Even Married