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Pissed Jeans hit us with hilarious video for ‘The Bar Is Low’


The band are currently metaphorically rolling around on a bed full of brilliant reviews for their latest LP Why Love Now which has been widely touted as the band’s best ever work. The album was released today on Sub Pop records and shows a calibre of writing often lost in the genre. But they’ve still found time for a hilarious video to make Friday a little better.

With focus shifting to the band’s video returning director Joe Stakun had his work cut out. So how do you make a video fo a track like ‘The Bar Is Low’? Well you send the band to the gym of course.

The clip sees the band in an utterly futile attempt to compete with each other at the gym. Comedy reaches fever pitch when they show how clearly right they are to be labelled as novices.

The album is out today and entirely worth your time but for now take a load off your brain and watch the below.