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Pioneering, adventurous and highly-respected musician Ana-Maria Avram has died


Romanian composer Ana-Maria Avram has passed away aged 55.

Avram, who has worked with the likes of Sunn O’s Stephen O’Malley and Shmil Frankel of Hyperion Ensemble, was a well-respected member and co-conductor of Hyperion Ensemble with her husband Iancu Dumitrescu.

She composed both for traditional ensembles and electronic media, specialising in the avant-garde contemporary sector representing the Hyper-Spectral trend as she gained a huge following.

Shmil Frankel of Hyperion Ensemble, said:

“So sad to hear of Ana Maria Avram’s untimely death. she was a friend, an inspiration, making music with her demand every bit of creativity and musical knowhow and always gave the greatest satisfaction of being a part of really special music. I will never forget what you taught me, your support and belief in me and how funny and unique of a person you are. all of us at Hyperion ensemble are devastated and will always cherish the time we had with you. my deepest condolences to Iancu, who loves you so much . rest in peace, I am sure that even that, you would do in your own special way. beloved friend and mentor.”