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(Credit: PINS)


PINS release their new song 'Live & Let Go'

Garage quartet PINS have released another morsel of post-punk attitude with the incredible ‘Live & Let Go’ the b-side to the 60’s pop of ‘Dazed By You’ being released via Bella Union on August 21st. Have a listen below to see why we are excited.

The track is taken form their critically acclaimed second LP Wild Nights recorded at the Joshua Tree at Rancho De La Luna with QOTSA Dave Catching. Catching even performs backing vocals and guitar on this latest release.

‘Live & Let Go’ is the perfect partner to the shimmery sound of ‘Dazed By You’, when I say perfect partner I mean the evil twin. It’s darker and more disturbed, sounding like a Factory party you can never truly escape, the juxtaposition of the title and content is cultured, cultivated and criminally good.

It rattles like the American desert with the disdain of a Mancunian sneer, captivating audiences with this clash of cultures. PINS have crossbred isolation into a mutation so thick with emotion it’s hard to move through it. It’s a bloody belter.

Stream it, below.